Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The new king of grillin?

Well just look what I found on the Facebook page of my good friend Aaron. Has the student surpassed the master? Evidently Yes! Grilled Pork tenderloins in balsamic and rosemary glaze. Oh, and by the way it doesn't get any better than this! AWESOME JOB perfectly cooked. I can almost taste the moistness.

IT is about time

While it is definitely about time I got around to posting it is also about time why I have not gotten around to posting. We have had visitors and that was wonderful but who wants to post when you are busy eating great meals and enjoying the company of those you love. Yesterday we headed out to Sam's to pick up some MEAT and they had a good sale on T-bones so how could a brother resist. Here are some pictures of last nights dinner T-bones , grilled rosemary and olive oil potato wedges and saute' baby bella's.

The first pic is my hottie wife, doing what she loves to do. I LOVE that woman.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beef tips over noodles

A few nights ago I (Susan here) made beef tips from a small piece of Fillet Mignon that we had in the freezer (we like to buy whole fillets when they are on sale and freeze them). Easy and quick to do. I also had some baby bellas (portabella mushrooms) in the fridge, so I added them. We had left over spaghetti noodles to serve the tips over.

First I cubed up the beef, we like it quite rare, so I left the cubes large.

To a very hot pan, I added olive oil, a few cloves of garlic and then the mushrooms, seasoned w/ Adobo. Sautee mushrooms to a golden brown.
Once the mushrooms are browned to your liking, de-glaze the pan w/ some type of liquid. I used red wine for the bold flavor (and I enjoyed a glass while cooking). Anybody else love 2 buck chuck?Remove the mushrooms to a seperate bowl , add a little more olive oil to the pan and add the beef cubes, seasoned w/ garlic salt, black pepper and adobo. Make sure the pan is good and hot before you add the meat. Brown the meat on all sides and de-glaze the pan w/ beef base. Return the mushrooms to the pan.
We had some garlic butter left in the freezer from the last batch that our good friend Scott made for us, so I added a touch of that as well. Make sure you add enough of the beef broth to have a good bit of sauce for the noodles.

I fried up the left over spaghetti (I like crispy noodles), spiced up w/ a little cayenne, of course.Serve up the noodles in a bowl and top w/ the tips/mushrooms/sauce - top w/ a little parmesan if desired and enjoy... The whole thing took less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Susan has been asking me for plain old Pork chops for some time now, so here we are. Natural charcoal grilled pork loin chops. Oh by the way we bought a whole pork loin for $1.58 a pound at Sam's It is very easy to cut, really just slice at the thickness desired. We typically get 2-3 small roasts and 6-10 chops out of a single package. While Zach is here we will be having Roast pork and mashed potatoes so I will be posting pictures of the roasts in the next few days.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

leftovers for chicken night

Hi - it's Susan again. Tonight I fixed leftovers. Last Saturday we picked up a roasted chicken from Sam's Club ($4.99 - gotta love it). We have had 3 meals already from said chicken. I had some leftover egg noodles in the fridge and the end of the chicken so I threw it all together and had the tastiest dinner!

First I pulled the remainder of the chicken off the bone. I threw the noodles in a hot pan w/ some olive oil, seasoned them w/ Adobo and a little cayenne. Once the noodles were hot, I tossed in the chicken, being sure to include all the jelly stuff from the bottom of the plastic container the chicken came in. Heat all the way through, put into bowls, top w/ Parmesan and enjoy!!!

Easy, cheap and tasty.


Well, I guess I am a little behind. Last Friday we had a NY strip and grilled potatoes. See attached pictures. Sorry the steak might be a little rare for most of you but Hey I like it raw. Susan likes it a little more cooked than this also. The potatoes are sliced about a quarter inch thick and brushed with olive oil and coarse ground salt delicious and low call( kinda in that I want them to be way) I will show you how to cut the steaks from a whole piece next time I cut one . till later LOVE YA'LL

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Those of you that know me know how I am a shade kind of guy (no not shady). There are no black or White for me just different shades of gray. That said, some of you may remember that I sometimes have a diet Pepsi. Well I would like you all to know that I have taken to drinking 1 to 2 pitchers of sun brewed green/ black tea a day. I still have a Dp in the morning or when we go out to dinner but the rest of the day its Sun tea. In a clear half gallon pitcher I combine 2 Black tea bags with 2 green tea bags and place in the sun for a half hour to an hour ( in NY this will probably take 2 to 3 weeks) and its done. no mint or lemon I have not had that kind of GROWTH Enjoy